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Serving NJ, PA, MD, VA, NC, SC, GA and FL.

A Partnership with GreenTec will ensure sustainable solutions that protect our environment.  We look forward to solving all of your landscape development needs. 

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GreenTec's approach to landscape and site development includes site review, plant and material analysis for fast track installation, value engineering to protect the owners budget, and creating landscape partnerships with incentives for accelerating production schedules, accounting incentives and multiple contract incentives.






*Golf Course/Recreational Pond with Aquatics

*Ballfields and recreational facilities

*Infrastructure and pad construction


*Landscape & Irrigation/Design Build

*Ground Maintence

*Hardscapes: Patios, pavers, reatining walls, site furnishings, playground equipment

*Erosion & Sediment Control

*Wetland mitigation & Reforestation

*Seeding, Sodding, Wildflowers, Perennials, Meadow Grasses

*Special Soil Mixes: BioMixes, Bio Ponds, Bio Swales, Rain Gardens, SWM Ponds

*Raised Planters, Roof Top Plantings, Green Roof Systems

*Underdrainage systems, Fire Lanes, Vegetative Screening

GreenTec has provided quality and fast track landscape development for over 30 years to the mid-atlantic and eastern seaboard by "creating innovative and sustainable environmental solutions".   GreenTec has not only masterfully changed landscapes locally around Frederick, MD, but we have enhanced the landscape and environment from New Jersey to Pennsylvania, Virginia to South Carolina, and Southern landscapes down to Florida.   

Our humble beginnings that serviced the landscape development market essentially grew from premium residential landscape services to high quality commercial landscape and governmental landscape programs.  We also completed all inclusive landscape installation services for multi-family projects, recreational parks, and moved on to larger site developments such as institutional campuses, master planned communities, and national retail outlets throughout the eastern seaboard. 

We developed aggressive in house employee training programs to "fast-track" every landscape project in Maryland, GreenTec soon became recognized as a landscape contractor that installed superior products ahead of schedule and at fair and reasonable prices.

Our landscape contracting services soon escalated to include all aspects of site work: preplanning, design and budget review and most importantly, client value engineering.  Our professional staff partners with our valued clients to incorporate landscape savings through our relationships with nurseries and other landscape vendors, implementing plant selection upgrades to key areas of the site and improving curb appeal and total landscape functionality at reduced costs.

Value engineering services coupled with aggressive scheduling, planing and site preparation always concludes with a superior landscape finished product.  At delivery, the site has sustainable plantings with cost savings returned to clients, and a project completed ahead of schedule.

As GreenTec became more specialized, our landscape development services continued to expand to provide valued customers a one stop shop opportunity.

Our eastern seaboard landscape development services also include site work specialties such as patios, pavers, retaining wall systems,site furnishings, and playground equipment installations.

Site work packages also include various species of sod and seed mix installations, wildflower mixes and wetland and reforestation plantings that enhance disturbed water ways and stream channels.

Larger and more comprehensive landscape site development projects required GreenTec staff to become highly skilled at installing complex bio retention systems such as bio swales and rain gardens, soil mixes, drainage and underdrainage systems.

A turn key landscape development package often includes erosion controls, hardscapes, design-build irrigation systems, soil remediation and fine grading, underdrainage and stabilized fire lane access roads.  This is followed by a comprehensive landscape maintenence program to protect our clients interest throughout the warranty period and beyond.

The GreenTec approach to landscape development is your best solution for residential or commercial sites, recreational facilities, golf courses, or ball fields, schools, multi family housing project or national retail, food and distribution hubs.

Landscape development at GreenTec can best be summarized in this way: full service, thoughtful planning, fast-track execution, sustainable results, and under budget.